Client Overview: 

Blend Co. is a licensed full-service barber shop & salon dedicated to consistently providing newly discovered haircuts and grooming services while providing an enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere at an acceptable price. The artists’ experience covers a wide range of styles allowing clients to receive a piece of art that makes an impact. The shop has precise attention to detail and invests a great deal in the client experience so the entire process from conceptualizing, to sketching, to sitting for their next tattoo, is personalized and top of the line. 

Client Request:

Blend Co. needed an intuitive digital experience to display their expertise and their gallery; that matched the quality of the work provided. The shop needed a website that could be easily navigated in order for clients to find all of the information needed to plan and execute their next haircut. Blend Co. puts a lot of emphasis specifically on the client experience and needed a mobile-optimized website to reflect their upscale, client-focused approach to the art of hairstyles. In addition to website creation/development, the artists needed professional quality photos to display their catalogue of work. 

The Acclimation:

The team held a brief meeting with the shop owners to understand their style and their approach to business. In the short discussion with the shop, it was quickly apparent that client experience was a huge point of emphasis, and that starts before a prospective client ever sets foot inside the shop or picks up the phone. The other major need was high quality pictures of past work so that clients could see the shop and the artists in their element.

The Process:

In a few short hours we were able to feel out the business owners and create an idea of what we wanted to deliver.

Our team worked with the artists to mirror the style felt in the shop to create an on-brand web presence complete with a clean display. The new site features a shop description, contact form, haircut/shop images, and artist information and social links. The Instagram feed integration allows clients to see that the shop is active, expanding their brand presence on social media, and improving customer relations.  Our photography team spent some time in the shop capturing the upscale atmosphere offered by Blend Co. and photoshoot quality samples of unique pieces by each artist. 

The Product:

The newly designed site is a beautifully-packaged, informative, easy-to-navigate digital experience that introduces those that are unfamiliar, to Blend Co. Barbershop. Our photo team’s captivating images allow clients to get a feel for the quality of work and environment at Blend Co., and know when they choose this shop that they are choosing a first class experience. High quality images are important for artists to showcase their body of work. 

The Motto:

At After Seven, we approach each client differently, taking as much pride in creating your unique digital experience as you do in your business itself. Working with a diverse client base, we are privileged to work with amazing business owners, and our number one priority is making sure that our clients are left with a unique product that directly reflects their business. 

Blend Co. Homepage

Project Gallery

Our photo team’s captivating images allow clients to get a feel for the quality of work at Blend Co. and know when they choose Blend Co. that they are choosing a first class experience that starts the moment you enter shop.

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