Fun fact: this project belongs to our Founder, Patrick Gaston and was built completely in-house... on nights and weekends... after seven pm. This passion-turned-startup is a software company that has an app for language creators around the world. Whether they are creating a language for a hobby, book, video game, TV show or film, Conlangio is there for all of their language-creation needs.

After Patrick got the application, social media and initial website up, he enlisted another software engineer, a content creator, and tax/payroll specialist to help him with his vision and that team is now the core of After Seven Studio.

Creating a brand

To get things going, we collaborated on the brand. We got together a brand voice, color palette, illustration set, and overall brand feel. We landed on a fun, informative voice with cartoon animations and illustrations that were relatable. In fleshing out a brand strategy, we also worked to get an explainer video as a marketing tool that embodied our vision for the brand - which was a huge success.

Logo Design

Marketing Video

The Application

We built the application using a Java REST API and an Angular Frontend. For scalability and performance, we packaged the application in dockers containers and host the application in the cloud via Amazon AWS.

Conlangio App Login Page

The website

The website is hosted via Wordpress but we will be moving the website to Webflow once we get a chance. We have optimized the site for SEO and Google rankings and made the server secure with an SSL certificate.

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