Client Overview: 

Dr. Brittany McClain is an experienced Doctor of Chiropractics focused on holistic methods and chiropractic adjustments, with a deep knowledge base and years of experience, who has recently started her own practice. She has a strong passion for health and wellness and is eager to build a client base.

Client Request:

Dr. McClain was looking for a professional site that showcased her extensive knowledge and experience, and service offerings but also showcased her love for what she does. She was looking to make a functional, informative and easy to use site for potential clients to learn more about her experience and book an appointment.

The Acclimation:

Our team held a few short Zoom meetings with Dr. McClain in order to discover what her goals for her site was, and learn more about her practice. Within the first couple meetings her energy and passion were a measurable force. She exuded confidence and carried herself like the successful young health professional she is. Our team got a feel for her style and her "must haves" for the website and went to work.

The Process:

The site came together quickly and with Dr. McClain being active in the design process it was even more smooth. Noting her feedback we offered a couple different color palettes before finally settling on the one from the live site. It was important to keep it professional but not stuffy, and we needed to give Dr. McClain her due with a short bio while holding the aesthetic and being very user-friendly.

The Product:

The end result of our collaboration with Dr. Brittany was a sophisticated, minimalistic site that potential clients could easily navigate to learn more about her services, her background and get in touch to schedule a consultation.

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