Client Overview: 

Joey's Custard is a cool local spot to "stay and chill". What started out as a mom and pop ice cream parlor evolved into a staple in the community serving more than just 50 flavors of custard. After opening in 2016 Joey's began to morph into a custard shop/cafe and became a place where residents from the island worked for years and became part of the fabric of the shop. With growth came demand to step up their website and match the quality the locals have come to expect from Joey's Custard.

Client Request:

Joey's website needed a shot of life and a digital presence that let newcomers and out-of-towners learn more about the offerings at the store and for locals to check in on the latest flavors and menu offerings. Joey's "must-haves" were a realtime social media feed for patrons to share their experience and a spot for all of their 5-star google reviews. They wanted to incorporate a bit of the island into their site and match the style of the store.

The Acclimation:

With our team being familiar with Joey's there was minimal legwork involved in the acclimation process. One or two phone calls and the team got to work. Taking Joey's story and the store's accolades, the team wanted to be sure to pay homage to the store's reputation

The Process:

Modernizing and optimizing the site was one of the most important tasks for this project, we had to make sure that we did Joey's reputation justice. Adding some copy to allow potential customers to get a vibe for the atmosphere at Joey's was crucial along with images and style changes. Everything about the site says "laid back, comfort, island sanctuary" from the font selections to the color palette.

The Product:

A fun and functional digital experience for patrons of Joey's. The site is inviting and matches the style of Joey's perfectly. Patrons can use the store's hashtag to be featured on the site's social media feed and visitors can share their thoughts on the Google reviews feed. The menu is easy to read and even details allergy information for each menu item. One of the more unique features of the site is the "island roulette" feature, a changing menu feed that provides suggestions to those who aren't sure what to select or are feeling a bit dangerous.

The Motto:

At After Seven, we approach each client differently, taking as much pride in creating your unique digital experience as you do in your business itself. Working with a diverse client base, we are privileged to work with amazing business owners, and our number one priority is making sure that our clients are left with a unique product that directly reflects their business.

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