Client Overview: 

MadWorks Customs is an auto shop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area specializing in everything custom. From performance upgrades to custom fabrication, brakes and suspension, vehicle restoration to audio/video infotainment system needs, MadWorks does it all. The team at MadWorks prides themselves on taking a customer's idea and making it a reality, while making them feel like part of the team every step of the way.

Client Request:

MadWorks specializes in everything custom automotive, but they don't have a lot of expertise in the area of digital marketing and website design. MadWorks came to us with a completely blank slate and a basic concept of what they were looking for. In our largest project to date, the team was looking for a logo that fit the culture and would establish the identity of MadWorks Customs, with the logo they were also in need of a style guide (fonts, colors, and branding standards), an innovative and responsive website design, AND a little bit of digital marketing expertise.

The Acclimation:

Our team was in frequent contact with MadWorks including several visits to the garage (we might be gear heads...) and discussions with the owner, Miguel. Onsite visits, (though not always plausible) are a great way for our team to get a feel for our clients' identity and culture. With complete creative freedom, the acclimation process was slightly different than other projects, because we were guiding Miguel and the team at MadWorks every step of the way. We also discussed goals and future plans for MadWorks to act as an adviser in their digital marketing strategy and promotional efforts.

The Process:

Starting with a logo design, we used the logo concept as the foundation for the style guide and eventually, the website design. Our creative team got to work quickly and worked to create something that would fit an automotive shop and high performance autos. Using the base colors from the logo, we created a style guide with sleek colors and fonts and then it was onto the website. We believe in keeping things simple, yet effective. We planned to design a fully responsive site design with an about us section, services page, contact form, FAQ panel and an integration with their shop software to request a quote directly from the website.

The Product:

The end result for MadWorks was a brand new, fully custom digital experience built from the ground up. They walked away with a logo, complete style guide, fully responsive, industry leading (if we do say so ourselves) website for their team to be proud of, and a basic digital marketing strategy that will be built by strategic business partnerships within the community, a social media presence and an appearance at an industry show or two.

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