Client Overview: 

Willis & Main (W&M) is a visual content agency that specializes in stunning visual media. They are known for studio-quality photography, videos, aerial photography, family portraits, sporting events, and even a state of the art digital media creative space. As your one-stop visual content agency, W&M also offers personal and professional media services, like headshots, promotional and tutorial videos.

Client Request:

Willis & Main reached out to us to help with their rebrand as they expanded outside of real estate media. We took their existing website and completely redesigned it. We kept it clean and functional as we do with all of our sites. The site is efficient and informative. We included engaging photos on the home page to showcase W&M handiwork front and center. In addition to the home page photos, there is an elaborate gallery so users can easily access the media they are interested in, and booking is as easy as clicking a button located on each page.

The Acclimation:

The team met up with Willis & Main and they expressed that they were looking to "unbox" themselves and branch out beyond real estate media. Having a relationship with Willis & Main already, it was even easier to understand what they were looking for while maintaining a similar overall style. 

The Process:

We went back to the drawing board to revamp the website and we were actually more hype with the redesign. The design team worked nonstop and dropped a fully functional site redesign in a matter of days. After a couple of tweaks and testing and style consultation among the team, the site was ready for delivery to the client.

The Product:

Our clients were thrilled with the final product. We worked to capture the essence of Willis & Main with a sleek well-designed website that will be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate for potential clients.

Logo Design


The Motto:

At After Seven, we approach each client differently, taking as much pride in creating your unique digital experience as you do in your business itself. Working with a diverse client base, we are privileged to work with amazing business owners, and our number one priority is making sure that our clients are left with a unique product that directly reflects their business.

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